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07/19/2018 16:40:08
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FCA Projects, Diverted Land, CA Land Management
   Details of Amount Demanded from User Agencies against forest land diversion projects approved under FC Act 1980.
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FCA project Year FCA Project Type :
S.No.Project NameStateProject YearNPVCAACAPCAPAFCATSZOthersTotal Demand
1 Diversion of 11.4495 Ha forest land in Kothagudem and Krishna Divisions for laying pipeline from Kakinada to Hyderabad . AP20060819300000000819300
2 Diversion of 140.30 Ha of Forest Land for Khairiguda Open cost project in favour of SCC Ltd. In Compt.No.357, RF Chopidi Regenaration of safty zone ar AP20031038220000000010557000104877700
3 Diversion of 17.857 Ha.forest land in Amanam RF for expansion of special economic zone in favour of M/s Divi's Laboratories Ltd., Hyderabad. AP201010357000143400000000011791000
4 Diversion of 344.005 Ha of Forest Land for laying of water conductor system under GLIS in Warangal North and Karimnagar East Divisions. AP20051061780000000003100000109278000
5 Diversion of 4.88 Ha. for Shaft sinking of Shanti Khani long wall Project in Bellampally Reserve Forest M/s S.C.Co. Ltd. AP2006341600000000003416000
6 Diversion of 6.700 Ha of fotrest land in Kadapa Division for development of Dr.YSR Smruthi Vanam at RKV Valley (Edupulayapaya). AP2010419420010000000000005194200
7 Diversion of forest Land for Special Repairs to Road from km 14/4 to 18/8 of Talapulla - kolekanuma Road (via Peddana varipally) AP20100186900000000186900
8 Mining lease in F/o New India Stones, Vinukonda AP2007033760000001032000440800
9 Renewal of mining lease for Steatite and dolomite in faovur of M/s South India Mining Company Ltd, Bethamcherla, Anantapur division. AP19970250000000000250000
10 SCR.Doubling of Railway line between Tandur & Vikarabad. AP19950738000000000738000
11 33 K.V.Line AP19980135000000000135000
12 Constrcution of Weir at 14.6 Km. doen stream of Srisailam dam. AP20090646700000000646700
13 Construction of 220 K.V. line from Kadapa to Renigunta AP1999087760000000008776000
14 Construction of Dharacalva Reservoir Project. AP20010380000000000380000
15 Diversion of230 Ha of Forest Land for Gollavagu project AP200617740000019700000000000197100000
16 Formation of Additional Ash Pond area to APSEB AP1998014000000000001400000
17 Mining lease of K.Koteswara Rao AP200103420000000693000411300
18 ML for steatite in favour of M/s Sreenivasa Mineral and Co, Anantapur. AP2002016500000001100000275000
19 SRBC -I Major Irrigaton Project. AP1993030000000000003000000
20 CBR Canal AP20064916600995830000000014874900
21 Chowtpally, hanumathreddy Lift Irrigstion Scheme. AP2009626000529100000009529002108000
22 Diversion of 2.0 Ha of Forest Land in Bollapalli RF of Naidupalem Beat of Vinukonda Range AP2005016270000009710835439295247
23 Diversion of 5 Ha forest land in compt No. 475 of Dhanora R.F Asifabad Range for stone quarry for Pedda Vagu Project in favour of irrigation Departme AP200640950000000065945004754450
24 Diversion of forest lands for widening of National Highway No.7 AP2004115770004028900000002980115635701
25 Diversion of228 Ha of Forest Land for Rallivagu project AP20061687200003757000000000172477000
26 Doubling the Railway line between Pullampet- Bhakrapet AP20060260000000000260000
27 Errection of 220 KV line between Nellore-Renigunta AP19950625000000000625000
28 Formation of WBM road from forest check post Kollapur ie., Molachintapally road to Amaragiri (village) AP200724150002500000000002665000
29 Kovvada Kalva Reservior project in W.E.Dist. AP2010020500000000002050000
30 M/s NCL industries Limited. AP20090808400000000808400
31 Projected Director,ORR Project,HUDA AP200832268600379000000000036058600
32 S. Kedareswara Rao, 2.024 Ha AP20080127900000000127900
33 Diversion of 0.1104 ha. of Forest Land in Kandlakoi RF of Hyderabad Division, for laying of 600 mm dia Water Pipe Line for providing water to Medchal, AP20120100000000000100000
34 Diversion of 29.85 Ha. RF land for Khairiguda Under Ground Project including approach road and transmission line in Rebbena and Chopdi RFs AP2000013158000000001315800
35 Diversion of 33.45 Ha. of forest land for Open cast coal mining by M/s. SCCL (Mahaveer Khani No.6) AP19890750400000000750400
36 Diversion of Forest land for renewal of mining lease.(NGML) 3rd renewal. AP200000000259345000025934500
37 Diversion of forest land in Diwancheruvu East and West RF for laying 4 lane divided carriage way in EG Dt. by NHAI. AP20020496000000000496000
38 Diversion of Forest land in ganganapalli RF, Kadapa Division for Widening of Road from Mittameedipalli to Polathala Temple. AP201339587907150000000004673790
39 Erection of 220KV Transmission line from GD Nellore 400KV sub Station to Palamaner AP201113790800861500000000022405800
40 Laying of 132 KVDC Line from Ramagundam to Kamalapur AP1983053350000000005335000
41 Renewal of ML to G. Ramesh Babu Mining Company (Renewal) AP20000560000000000560000
42 1 M/s. Reliance GTIL. Hyd. AP200825380284022000000002940228
43 Diversion of4 Ha forest land in Nelanuthala RF IN Proddatur Division. AP2006280000000000002800000
44 Erection of 33 KV line between Iole and Mannearipally in Amrabad RF AP2008240000014700000000003870000
45 Fresh permission to the existing road to the M/s KCP Ltd. AP20070000020430000204300
46 Quarrying of Granite stone and metal AP2008708600790000000820350869635
47 Quartz mining - 0.99 Ha., in Poolbagh R.F., AP199602560000000025600
48 "Opening of New mine S.R.P. 2 (A) incline. " AP2001022975000000002297500
49 "Slate stone mining lease in f/o Dr. K.Rajendra" AP20050168300000015163312877332810
50 Diversion of 0.52 Ha. of FL in Compt.No.80 of Krishnarao Palem RF for Rehabilitation& Upgradation of NH-221 (New NH-30) Krishna Division&District,A.P. AP201732552070000000000395520