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01/20/2021 03:16:55
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FCA Projects, Diverted Land, CA Land Management
   Details of Amount Demanded from User Agencies against forest land diversion projects approved under FC Act 1980.
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FCA project Year FCA Project Type :
S.No.Project NameStateProject YearNPVCAACAPCAPAFCATSZOthersTotal Demand
1 "Opening of mine entries RK.New tech." AP19960062330000000623300
2 Direvsion of 110ha of Forest land for limestone quary in RF rally M/s OCC Ltd AP200168860000000002181000071041000
3 Diversion of 140.30 Ha of Forest Land for Khairiguda Open cost project in favour of SCC Ltd. In Compt.No.357, RF Chopidi Regenaration of safty zone ar AP20031038220000000010557000104877700
4 Diversion of 17.66 Ha forest land in Chilkur RF of Wildlife Managemen Division, Hyderabad for formation of Outer Ring Road Phase-1 from Gachibowli to AP2007018420000000001842000
5 Diversion of 32.70 Ha. Forest land Bellampally forest division for open cast project-II for grant of ming lease of coal in favour of M/s.SCCL. AP19980965500000000965500
6 Diversion of 33.51 ha forest land in Kurnool Division. For excavation of canal in package no.27. from Km 0.00 to 9.00 under GNSS flood flow canal in f AP2008026000000000002600000
7 Quartz mining - 0.99 Ha., in Poolbagh R.F., AP199602560000000025600
8 Upgrading NH-5 to 4/6 lane divided carraige way AP2003716710019294000000009096500
9 APSEB : Erection of 33 KV line passing AP201030110008680000000003879000
10 Diversion of FL for dispensary and primary school for Orphans in Chevur RF (Ramadootha) AP200662700091200000000718200
11 Diversion of230 Ha of Forest Land for Gollavagu project AP200617740000019700000000000197100000
12 Errection of 132 Kv Line from Ramagundam to Bellampally APSEB (10.66) Ha. AP19820100204000000100204
13 Konapalli Seetharam Puram Road AP2000015000000000001500000
14 ML for steatite in favour M/s Sri Sai Minerals, Tadipatri AP200201700000000900000260000
15 ML for steatite in favour of M/s Sreenivasa Mineral and Co, Anantapur. AP2002016500000001100000275000
16 Renewal of lease of Forest land over an extent of 42.50 Ha diverted for under ground mining at Yellandu AP20060780000000000780000
17 Sri S.Sankara Reddy Mining Lease AP200619906002050000000002195600
18 Construction of OHBR & inlet & outlet pipe line for driking water supply to Gajwel, Narsapur, Ramayanpet & Dommata assembly constituencies in favour o AP20094620002034000000043000708400
19 Diversion of 28.62 Ha. of Forest land in Compt.No.296(P) & 301 (P) in Tandur RF in Bellampally Range (Formerly Rebbena Range) of Bellampally Division AP200621178800000633200050250064900022963500
20 Diversion of 9.37 Ha. of Forest Land for upgrading of existing 2 lane to 4 lane from Armoor to Kalkallu Section - Reg. AP200765590002884000000003750009818000
21 Excavation of /Right canal of Vengalarajaya Sagar AP19960142000000008000150000
22 Formation of Bye Pass Road on Proddatur on Nellore - Bellary Road - Proposals for diversion of 2.03 acres / 0.823 Ha of Forest land in Rameswaram RF o AP200103540000000035400
23 M/S Harihara Mines & Minerals, Kamanpur AP200820600041600000002827001020001006700
24 Diversion of 2.00 Ha. of Forest land in Compartment No.474 of Bellampally Division for quarrying stone for Vattivagu project of Irrigation Department AP199908000000000080000
25 Diversion of Forest Land in Borra R.F.for development Tourist facilities by APTDC Ltd., AP200003000000000030000
26 Diversion of forest land in Diwancheruvu East and West RF for laying 4 lane divided carriage way in EG Dt. by NHAI. AP20020496000000000496000
27 Diversion of Forest land in Gilmenfield R.F. for laying pipe line by M/s. Birla Perclace, Visakhapatnam. AP19940183000000000183000
28 Extn. of TGP colony for TGP Authorities AP19970900000000000900000
29 M.L for Stetite over 2.00 Ha. in favour of M/s Smt. Sumana in Muchukota R.F of Gooty Range AP200201000000000650000165000
30 M/s Reliance Gas Transportation Infrastructure Limited, Hyderabad AP20090665300000000665300
31 Mining Lease M/s. Nagarjuna Cements Limited. AP1996018380000000001838000
32 TESTING AP19800123456000000123456
33 Conversion of Metre guage railway line to broad guage in Giddalur to Dhone Range AP1994043630000000004363000
34 Diversion of 18.20 Ha. of forest land in Adilabad district for Ramagundam -Chandrapur 400 KV/DC transmission line through RF Bellampally and Manikgarh AP19900633400000000633400
35 Diversion of 285.89 Ha. Forest land for shanthi Khani Extension Block under ground train in favour of M/s S.C.C.L Bellampally. AP200598889300000000098889300
36 Diversion of 6.700 Ha of fotrest land in Kadapa Division for development of Dr.YSR Smruthi Vanam at RKV Valley (Edupulayapaya). AP2010419420010000000000005194200
37 Diversion of Forest Land in Ananthagiri-II R.F. for Damuku to Nimmalapadu Road by Birla Periclase AP1996015000000000001500000
38 Talcher - Bangalore ET Line of Power Grid AP1999016880000000001688000
39 400 K.V Transmission Line between Kadapa to Bangalore for Power Grid Corporation AP19857420044500000000118700
40 Dugguntavagu project AP20010280000000000280000
41 Expansion of Ash Pond by HWP Manuguru AP19980576000000000576000
42 SRP Mining lease 253 Ha. AP200549000000000061466000055146600
43 "Renewal of Mining Lease Amrutesh (Renewal)" AP20020671600000000671600
44 Approach road to apparel export part from Dulapally. AP200375625005490000000008111500
45 Approach Road, parking shed and drilling of borewells AP199600200000000020000
46 Diversion of 2.35 Ha. of Forest Land in Khannapur RF of Kamareddy Division AP2009147110011070000000002578100
47 Doubling the Railway line between Pullampet- Bhakrapet AP20060260000000000260000
48 For Construction of Summar Storage tank AP1994011390000000001139000
49 Formation of road by SCC Bellampally approach road from Goleti mines to coal handling plant Rebbena through Rebbena RF Ext.M/s.SCC, Bellampally divi AP198505600000000056000
50 Laying of 400 KV transmission line from Jeypore to Gajuwaka AP19910420000000006470001067000