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FCA Projects, Diverted Land, CA Land Management
   Details of Amount Demanded from User Agencies against forest land diversion projects approved under FC Act 1980.
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FCA project Year FCA Project Type :
S.No.Project NameStateProject YearNPVCAACAPCAPAFCATSZOthersTotal Demand
1 "Construction of Microwave tower and repestor station and laying of approach roads at Gowliguda and Dongergaon Forest land involved 1.55 Ha." AP19810975000000165011400
2 "Opening of mine entries RK.New tech." AP19960062330000000623300
3 "Opening of New mine S.R.P. 2 (A) incline. " AP2001022975000000002297500
4 "Renewal of Mining Lease Amrutesh (Renewal)" AP20020671600000000671600
5 "Slate stone mining lease in f/o Dr. K.Rajendra" AP20050168300000015163312877332810
6 0.27 Ha., balancing Reservoir of Veduruwada AP199602000000000020000
7 1 M/s. Reliance GTIL. Hyd. AP200825380284022000000002940228
8 11 KV ET Line-Daida RF AP20020000013100000131000
9 132 KV Transmission line AP2007012500000000001250000
10 220 KV Line form Nagarjuna Sagar to Vijayawada Thermal Station in F/O. EE, TLC Division, Guntur AP19858692008696350000001738835
11 33 K.V.Line AP19980135000000000135000
12 33 KV Line AP20068080000000000808000
13 400 K.V Transmission Line between Kadapa to Bangalore for Power Grid Corporation AP19857420044500000000118700
14 APGENCO Kakatiya Thermal Powwer project (laying) of water pipeline. AP20073588000314600000001000004002600
15 Approach road for formation of high level bridge on Moolachintapalli - Kollapur Road. AP19990000000100000100000
16 Approach road to apparel export part from Dulapally. AP200375625005490000000008111500
17 Approach Road, parking shed and drilling of borewells AP199600200000000020000
18 APSE,Board - Laying of 11 KV Line from Ankannapally to Rangapur. AP19880227720000000227720
19 APSEB : Erection of 33 KV line passing AP201030110008680000000003879000
20 Booster (Tank) laying of Dik 9 pipe pumping manto L.R palli and other villages AP2009458920012000000000020153007804500
21 Carrying out mining operations by eleven individuals over 21.23 ha of land classified as adavi as per revenue records. 1) Sri P. Karunakar. AP20080145000000000145000
22 CBR Canal AP20064916600995830000000014874900
23 Chowtpally, hanumathreddy Lift Irrigstion Scheme. AP2009626000529100000009529002108000
24 Const. Of Feeder channel from Mulavagu Project to Kondem Cheruvu AP20020415000000000415000
25 Constrcution of Weir at 14.6 Km. doen stream of Srisailam dam. AP20090646700000000646700
26 Construction MicroWave Passive Reflector Tower by SC.Rly AP199101160000000011600
27 Construction of 220 K.V. line from Kadapa to Renigunta AP1999087760000000008776000
28 Construction of Anicut across the Yacharam Vagu, Yacharam (V) AP198103100000000031000
29 Construction of Dharacalva Reservoir Project. AP20010380000000000380000
30 Construction of dispensary and drinking water tank near Shakara Anjaneyaswami Devasthanam. AP2008198000143700000022550234920
31 Construction of G.L.B.R and laying pipe lines and approach road by (P.R.) RWS dept. AP200205000000000050000
32 Construction of Gandikota Dam and laying of approach road AP200676260080200000000842800
33 Construction of High level bridge across Lakhampur Vagu at KM 239/8.10 on N.H.No.7 Area involved 0.20 Ha. AP20020345000000000345000
34 Construction of Micro wave repeater station AP1982087000000008700
35 Construction of Modern Abattoir AP199393900000000093900
36 Construction of OHBR & inlet & outlet pipe line for driking water supply to Gajwel, Narsapur, Ramayanpet & Dommata assembly constituencies in favour o AP20094620002034000000043000708400
37 Construction of Rly. Doubling of line between Rechini Road and Sirpur Kagaznagar Railway station (RF Rechini Ext.III) Rly.Deptt. AP198202570000000025700
38 Construction of Summer Storage Tank at Yamcha AP199605050000001010000001515000
39 Conversion of Metre guage railway line to broad guage in Giddalur to Dhone Range AP1994043630000000004363000
40 DBM-38 Excavation of SRSP Branch Canal Irrigation Dept. AP19990239000000000900002480000
41 Digging Brine Channel AP198200000001740017400
42 Direvsion of 110ha of Forest land for limestone quary in RF rally M/s OCC Ltd AP200168860000000002181000071041000
43 Diversion 7.08 Ha., of forest land in Chatakonda RF for laying pipe line from Kakinada to Hyderabad AP2006552240000000005522400
44 Diversion of 11.4495 Ha forest land in Kothagudem and Krishna Divisions for laying pipeline from Kakinada to Hyderabad . AP20060819300000000819300
45 Diversion of 20.02 Ha of forest land in Rally RF Manchieral division installation of rope way by M/s, M/s. ACC Ltd. AP19980270000000000270000
46 Diversion of (244.02) Ha., of Forest Land for OCP-1 Sathupalli. AP20050213803900000000213803900
47 Diversion of 0.03 Ha.forest land for installation of Solar Power Aviation Obstacle lights on th hill tops around VSP Airport Authority of India, Nar AP200721000130000000000151000
48 Diversion of 0.1104 ha. of Forest Land in Kandlakoi RF of Hyderabad Division, for laying of 600 mm dia Water Pipe Line for providing water to Medchal, AP20120100000000000100000
49 Diversion of 0.355 Ha of FL in Rajapet RF for formation of approach of road/right of way to factory premises. AP2009222230140000000000362230
50 DIVERSION OF 0.44 Ha (Revised) of Forest Land in Compt.No.187 Manoharabad RF AP20101927208825400000177000457974