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05/25/2019 11:21:53
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FCA Projects, Diverted Land, CA Land Management
   Details of Amount Demanded from User Agencies against forest land diversion projects approved under FC Act 1980.
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FCA project Year FCA Project Type :
S.No.Project NameStateProject YearNPVCAACAPCAPAFCATSZOthersTotal Demand
1 DBM-38 Excavation of SRSP Branch Canal Irrigation Dept. AP19990239000000000900002480000
2 Diversion of 17.66 Ha forest land in Chilkur RF of Wildlife Managemen Division, Hyderabad for formation of Outer Ring Road Phase-1 from Gachibowli to AP2007018420000000001842000
3 S. Raghuram AP200808880000000088800
4 Tellabodu Mining Co., Nellore (Renewal). AP20000255000000000255000
5 Approach road for formation of high level bridge on Moolachintapalli - Kollapur Road. AP19990000000100000100000
6 Errection of 132 Kv Line from Ramagundam to Bellampally APSEB (10.66) Ha. AP19820100204000000100204
7 Sri S.Sankara Reddy Mining Lease AP200619906002050000000002195600
8 Formation of Bye Pass Road on Proddatur on Nellore - Bellary Road - Proposals for diversion of 2.03 acres / 0.823 Ha of Forest land in Rameswaram RF o AP200103540000000035400
9 Diversion 7.08 Ha., of forest land in Chatakonda RF for laying pipe line from Kakinada to Hyderabad AP2006552240000000005522400
10 Diversion of Forest land in ganganapalli RF, Kadapa Division for Widening of Road from Mittameedipalli to Polathala Temple. AP201339587907150000000004673790
11 Mining Lease M/s. Nagarjuna Cements Limited. AP1996018380000000001838000
12 APGENCO Kakatiya Thermal Powwer project (laying) of water pipeline. AP20073588000314600000001000004002600
13 Diversion of 3.10 Ha.forest land in Rally RF for excavation of right flank canal Chelamelavagu Project in favour of Chief Engineer, Medium Irregation AP19980290300000000290300
14 Diversion of Forest Land in Ananthagiri-II R.F. for Damuku to Nimmalapadu Road by Birla Periclase AP1996015000000000001500000
15 Renewal of Mining lease of already diverted 261.31 Ha of forest land for Gowthamkhani OCP mining lease falling in Compt., No. 156/P in Ramavaram RF of AP2004214012890000052600000214538890
16 Diversion of 1.25Ha of Forest land from Shikarganj RF for quarrying of granite metal by Smt. T.Satyavathi AP200810770001734000000001250400
17 Diversion of Forest Land of 154.96 Ha. for OCP-II Phase-II Gowthamkhanai 1 1/2 times Safety zone area. (sza 5.3 Ha.,) AP2006121407400000002890003273000124969400
18 Laying Earthen Road from Kona in Anantapur district to Guttalapalli in Kurnool district. AP20040200000000000200000
19 Laying of 220 KV Line from Lower Sileru to Bommuru (215.46 ha khammam and kakinada division) AP1995030620000000003062000
20 Renewal of ML in f/o Smt. S.Kasiratnam (Renewal) AP19980000010970000109700
21 Slates stones mining lease in favour of M/s. Jurassic Stones (P) Ltd. 3.625 Ha AP2006030470000002475000552200
22 Approach Road, parking shed and drilling of borewells AP199600200000000020000
23 Diversion of 2.0 Ha of Forest Land in Bollapalli RF of Naidupalem Beat of Vinukonda Range AP2005016270000009710835439295247
24 Doubling the Railway line between Pullampet- Bhakrapet AP20060260000000000260000
25 Formation of road by SCC Bellampally approach road from Goleti mines to coal handling plant Rebbena through Rebbena RF Ext.M/s.SCC, Bellampally divi AP198505600000000056000
26 Laying of 400 KV transmission line from Jeypore to Gajuwaka AP19910420000000006470001067000
27 Slate stones mining lease in favour of M/s Jurassic Stones (P) Ltd., 8.215 Ha AP20040872850000030340001176250
28 Tata Cellular Ltd., AP19970125400000000125400
29 Diversion of (244.02) Ha., of Forest Land for OCP-1 Sathupalli. AP20050213803900000000213803900
30 Diversion of 0.1104 ha. of Forest Land in Kandlakoi RF of Hyderabad Division, for laying of 600 mm dia Water Pipe Line for providing water to Medchal, AP20120100000000000100000
31 Diversion of 202.50 Ha of forest land in favour of M/s SCCL for RK OCP Phase-I Indaram Reserve Forest in Mancherial Division. AP201363382500000001110000140000065892500
32 Diversion of forest land for construction of reservoir across palemvagu Bhadrachalam (N) AP20052020496001862700001058000014600003243200225123800
33 Laying of 500 KV HVDC line. AP19990780000000000780000
34 Mining lease Salvoilodhi Area R.F. Rally. AP2002000000218980002189800
35 Diversion of forest Land for Special Repairs to Road from km 14/4 to 18/8 of Talapulla - kolekanuma Road (via Peddana varipally) AP20100186900000000186900
36 Kotappakonda Ghat Road AP19800164000000000164000
37 Laying of 500 KV HVDC line-Talcher-Bangalore AP19990841800000000841800
38 M/s. Laxmi Narsimha Metal industries Ltd. AP200524000000855000009000002575500
39 Mining lease in favour of Sri K.Rami Reddy, MARKAPUR AP201121900001300000000053560004025600
40 SR Minierals Mining Lease for extraction of mining ore in Bellary RF AP20051166090018766000000302000013839500
41 Vamsadhara Project AP200130712500551500000000036227500
42 Diversion of Forest land in Kambalakonda Reserve Forest for widening of NH-5 road 4 line by NHAI . AP2002084100000000008410000
43 Lanuching Pad for Missile testing. BDL AP200200461000000046100
44 SPVBR Canal beyond Porumamilla Tank AP200720404002373200000001823500022648600
45 Construction MicroWave Passive Reflector Tower by SC.Rly AP199101160000000011600
46 Diversion of forest land for mining limestone in Budawada RF by M/s Visakha Steel Plant. Jaggaiahpet. AP200006400000000004250000068250000
47 Construction of Anicut across the Yacharam Vagu, Yacharam (V) AP198103100000000031000
48 Formation of approach Road transport lime stone from Terala Mining to feed input point infavour of M/s KCP Ltd., Macherla. AP20100736700000000736700
49 Diversion of forest land in different R.F. Adilabad upgradation of existing Road from (2) lanes to 4/6 Maharastra to A.P. N.H.No.7. AP20098509830015873300000004841200105812800
50 Erection of 33 KV line between Iole and Mannearipally in Amrabad RF AP2008240000014700000000003870000