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01/24/2021 01:07:13
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FCA Projects, Diverted Land, CA Land Management
CAMPA Summary Report


    This report shall facilitate online monitoring and evaluation of the Works/activities that are being carried out in various States using the CAMPA Funds.
  • You Can View click on Hyperlink of  Total projects to Show the list of the projects for the selected State.
  • You Can View click on Hyperlink of  Diverted Area to show the list of diverted lands for the state
  • You Can View Hyperlink plantation works registered to show the list of plantation works for the state.

State :  
S.No.StateTotal FCA Proj.Diverted Area (Ha.)CA LandsCA Land (forest) (Ha)CA Land (Non forest) (Ha)Total Plantation works registeredArea Covered by Plantations (Ha)Funds transferred to StateNPVACACACATPAFPCASZOtherFunds Allocated under Various heads
1 Uttarakhand 4647 36149.861 20484996.4773561.180 1527 11104.598343247.9034624.86137.365200.539.080.002481.982.728435.7350892.26