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Plantation Works and Estimates Management System
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S.No.DivisionRangeWork NameWork Duration(In Years)Scheme HeadEstimate YearOperation YearRef. No.Funds Allocated(In Rs.)Expenditure(In Rs.)View WorkView EstimateView Monthly ExpenditureView Work OnlineView Site OnlineSite Scanned Map
1 PaderuArakuAdvance Operatation Works At Adraguda Village During 2018-19 Of Araku (T) Range-'Advance Oparation Works For Raising Of 2019-20 Ntsh Plantation At Adraguda Village'5OTHER2018Pre-Plantation Operations228/2018-19325000.00312351.00
2 WL Chittoor EastPutturPlantation Of 20 Ha Ntshs Misc. Species Plantation In Nandanam Beat Of Puttur Range During 2018-19-'Plantation Site Of 20 Ha Ntshs Misc. Species Plantation In Nandanam Beat Of Puttur Range Durin'5Others2018Pre-Plantation OperationsDSO 205/18-19638000.00448163.00
3 MangaloreSulliaAdvance Work Under Anr At Mithila Locality Of Mandekolu Rf During 2017-18-'0'8OTHER2017Pre-Plantation Operations37/2018-19275000.000.00
4 HaveriDundasi30Ha Plantation At Gudgeri Rf, Fsyno - 38 &39 During 2016-17-'Raising Of Plantation Work During 2017-18 At Gudgeri Rf'5ANR2018Second Year Operation218/2018-19250000.000.00
5 MangaloreBelthangadyAdvance Work For Raising 2017 Rains Cane Plantation At Kariyanele Locality Of Kalmanja Village-'Kariyanele Locality Of Kalmanja Village'8OTHER2018Second Year Operation57/2018-19220000.000.00
6 WL Chittoor EastChittoor EastRaising Of 2.445 Ha Plantation In Chilapalli Rf, Chittoor Beat During 2018-19-'Raising Of 2.44 Ha Plantation In Chittoor Rf, Chittoor Beat During 2018-19'5ANR2018Pre-Plantation Operations168/2018-1967400.0062638.00
7 Social Forestry Division BareillyBareillyNon Ca Asw And Plantation Work-'Chavani Kshetra Dairy Farm-1'4OTHER2018Pre-Plantation Operations74/5-8134000.000.00
8 KrishnaNuzvid1St Year Maintenance Of 30 Ha Ntshws Plantation At Potanapalli During 2018-19-'1St Year Maintenance Of 30 Ha Ntshws Plantation At Potanapalli During 2018-19'1ANR (Soil & Moisture Conservation)2018Pre-Plantation Operations37/2018-19490000.00450300.00
9 WL Chittoor EastChittoor EastRising Of 2.18 Ha Plantation In Chilapalli Rf, Chittoor Beat During 2019-20-'Rising Of 2.18 Ha Plantation In Chilapalli Rf, Chittoor Beat During 2019-20'5AR2019Pre-Plantation Operations7/2019-20150000.0058050.00
10 Rajouri Forest DivisionKandi RangeFencing And Plantation Work-'Chakli Jamola, 200/R, 2018-19'1ANR2018Pre-Plantation Operationsnil630870.000.00
11 Rajouri Forest DivisionKandi RangeFencing And Plantation Work-'Kotli, 50/K, 2018-19'1ANR2018Pre-Plantation Operationsnil643210.000.00
12 Rajouri Forest DivisionKalakoteFencing And Plantation Work-'Manwan, 175/K, 2018-19'1ANR2018Pre-Plantation Operationsnil448680.000.00
13 Rajouri Forest DivisionRajouriFencing And Plantation Work-'Lower Kote, 1/R, 2018-19'1ANR2018Pre-Plantation Operationsnil589940.000.00
14 Rajouri Forest DivisionRajouriFencing Only-'Dalogra, 39/R, 2018-19'1ANR2018Pre-Plantation Operationsnil228340.000.00
15 Rajouri Forest DivisionKalakoteFencing Work-'Bandari, 170/K, 2018-19'1ANR2018Pre-Plantation Operationsnil448680.000.00
16 Rajouri Forest DivisionRajouriPlantation And Fencing-'Chityar, 31/R, 2018-19'1ANR2018Pre-Plantation Operationsnil528770.000.00
17 Rajouri Forest DivisionKalakotePlantation Work-'Sialsui, 111/K, 2018-19'1ANR2018Pre-Plantation Operationsnil1063200.000.00
18 Forest Division HamirpurMaudahaSurauli Forest Block_2019-20-'Surauli Forest Block_2019-20'10A & SC2019First Year Operation26/2019-20336600.000.00
19 Forest Division HamirpurMaudahaUmrahat-Ii Forest Block_2019-20-'Umrahat-Ii Forest Block_2019-20'10A & SC2019First Year Operation25/2019-20336600.000.00
20 Forest Division HamirpurMaudahaUmrahat-I Forest Block_2019-20-'Umrahat-I Forest Block_2019-20'10A & SC2019First Year Operation24/2019-20336600.000.00