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01/16/2021 19:57:27
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Plantation Works and Estimates Management System
DashBoard : Advance Work of AR over 10 ha at Tinkai Khunou Plot-I


Welcome to the home page of the plantation work. In this page you can view all the details of the selected plantation work.

Basic Details

Plantation Work(En) : Advance Work of AR over 10 ha at Tinkai Khunou Plot-I   Plantation Work(Local lan.) :
Total Proposed Area(in Ha.) : 10.000 Scheme Head : Afforestation & Soil Conservation(A & SC)
Work Project Year : 2019 Work Duration(In Years) : 7
GPS : Map : Plantation-Work Map Not Uploaded

Plantation Site Details

Plantation Site : Tinkai Khunou Plot-I AR (NPV) Total Area Proposed : 10.000  (Ha.)
Forest Type : Degraded Notified Forest Site Nature : Other Work site
GPS : Map : Work-Site Map Not Uploaded

Location Details

State : Manipur Circle : Southern Forest Circle
Division : Bishnupur Forest Division Range : Bishnupur Range

Work-Estimate Details

S.No.Estimate YearOperation YearRef. No.Estimate DateEstimate TypeSanction StatusPhysical(In Ha.)Financial(In Rs.)Activity Inserted(In Rs.)Expendature Inserted(In Rs.)  
1 2019PPO1/26/2019/DFO-B10/12/2019FreshSanctioned10.00314000.000.000.00
2 2020FYO1/26/2019/DFO-B30/05/2020FreshSanctioned10.00207000.000.000.00

Species Details are to be carried out under the registered Plantation Works

Number of Plants proposed to be planted: 11000 Total No. Species to be Planted: 5
S.No.SpeciesPolybag SeedlingsStumpsDirect Seed SowingOther PlantsTotal PlantedSpacing (in meters)
1 Quercus spp- (Uyung (Manipuri)) 200000020003*3
2 Emblica Officianalis- (ಬೆಟ್ಟ ನೆಲ್ಲಿ) 200000020003*3
3 Terminalia Myriocarpa- (Panisas) 200000020003*3
4 Gmelina Aroborea- (gummadi teak) 200000020003*3
5 Chukrasia Tabularis- (CHAKRASE) 300000030003*3

Work Introduction

Introduction :
Objective :
Methodology :

Plantation-Land Nature

Land Nature : Hilly Average Slope (In Degree): 30.00
Soil Type : Red soils Soil Depth (In Feet): 25.00
Water Resource : Other Distance From Resource (In Meter): 100.00
Minimum Temperature (In Centigrade): N.A. Maximum Temperature (In Centigrade): N.A.
Average Rain Fall (In Centimeter): N.A.