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01/24/2021 01:51:32
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Plantation Works and Estimates Management System
DashBoard : Advance Work for Aided Natural Regeneration over 20 ha


Welcome to the home page of the plantation work. In this page you can view all the details of the selected plantation work.

Basic Details

Plantation Work(En) : Advance Work for Aided Natural Regeneration over 20 ha   Plantation Work(Local lan.) :
Total Proposed Area(in Ha.) : 20.000 Scheme Head : Assisted Natural Regeneration (ANR)(ANR)
Work Project Year : 2020 Work Duration(In Years) : 7
GPS : Map : Plantation-Work Map Not Uploaded

Plantation Site Details

Plantation Site : Thanga lakpa Total Area Proposed : 20.000  (Ha.)
Forest Type : Degraded Notified Forest Site Nature : Other Work site
GPS : Map : Work-Site Map Not Uploaded

Location Details

State : Manipur Circle : Southern Forest Circle
Division : Bishnupur Forest Division Range : Moirang Range

Work-Estimate Details

S.No.Estimate YearOperation YearRef. No.Estimate DateEstimate TypeSanction StatusPhysical(In Ha.)Financial(In Rs.)Activity Inserted(In Rs.)Expendature Inserted(In Rs.)  
1 2020PPO1/26/2019/DFO-B01/06/2020FreshSanctioned20.00620000.000.000.00

Species Details are to be carried out under the registered Plantation Works

Number of Plants proposed to be planted: 12500 Total No. Species to be Planted: 5
S.No.SpeciesPolybag SeedlingsStumpsDirect Seed SowingOther PlantsTotal PlantedSpacing (in meters)
1 Emblica Officianalis- (ಬೆಟ್ಟ ನೆಲ್ಲಿ) 7000007003*3
2 Chukrasia Tabularis- (CHAKRASE) 200000020003*3
3 Alnus Nepalensis- (Uttis) 800000080003*3
4 Schima Wallichii Chois- (Chilaune) 3000003003*3
5 Gmelin Arborea- (Khamari) 150000015003*3

Work Introduction

Introduction : Advance Work for Aided Natural Regeneration over 20 ha
Objective :
Methodology :

Plantation-Land Nature

Land Nature : Hilly Average Slope (In Degree): N.A.
Soil Type : N.A. Soil Depth (In Feet): N.A.
Water Resource : N.A. Distance From Resource (In Meter): N.A.
Minimum Temperature (In Centigrade): N.A. Maximum Temperature (In Centigrade): N.A.
Average Rain Fall (In Centimeter): N.A.