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Plantation Works and Estimates Management System
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S.No.DivisionRangeWork NameWork Duration(In Years)Scheme HeadEstimate YearOperation YearRef. No.Funds Allocated(In Rs.)Expenditure(In Rs.)View WorkView EstimateView Monthly ExpenditureView Work OnlineView Site OnlineSite Scanned Map
1 PalampurPalampurU25B Ban Deol C-7-'132 Kv Sub Station At Dehan, Ft.Div.Palampur, Distt.Kangra.'5CA2013Pre-Plantation Operations35497140.00223713.00
2 PalampurBaijnathU25P Ban Deol-'U25B Ban Deol C 6B & Ban Maffi Deol'5CA2011Pre-Plantation Operations31382400.00172080.00
3 PalampurPalampurU6B Paprola C2-'Divisional Level Data Centre At Palampur ,Palampur Ft. Division.'5CA2012Pre-Plantation Operations294029.001813.00
4 PalampurBaijnathUp 45 B Bhet Upparli-'Phc At Sari Molag In Favour Of Health Department. Palampur Forest Division.'5CA2012First Year Operation3348388.0021774.00
5 PalampurPalampurUp-45 B Bhet Upparli C2-'Sub Station At Darang,Forest Division Palampur Forest Division.'5CA2012First Year Operation0183994.0082797.00
6 PalampurDarohUp 6 B Paprola C-2-'Govt.Polytechnic At Talwar,Tehsil Jaisinghpur.(630)'5CA2012First Year Operation14375250.00225150.00
7 PalampurDarohU46B Bheth Buhali C-1-'Improvement & Upgradation Of Bhawarna-Jaisinghpur Road(Kms0/0 To 26/280 ,Palampur Forest Division.'5CA2011Pre-Plantation Operations161935500.00870975.00
8 PalampurDarohU6B Paprola-'Govt.Polytechnic At Talwar,Tehsil Jaisinghpur.Palampur Forest Division.'5CA2011First Year Operation9158000.0071100.00
9 PalampurDarohU6B Paprola C2-'Lwss Of Changer Area Within The Jurisdiction Of Palampur Forest Division.'5CA2011Pre-Plantation Operations096775.0053226.00
10 PalampurBaijnathUp 45 B Bhet Upparli C2-'Primary Health Tinnber Bhuana Tehsil Palampur ,Palampur'5CA2010Pre-Plantation Operations240640.0024384.00
11 PalampurPalampurP 16 P Sidhpur C-4-'Water Treatment Plant-Wss Paror-Kharot Palampur Forest Division'5CA2010First Year Operation3855700.0025065.00
12 PalampurPalampurU 268 Jhandi-'Nh-20 In Mohal Kasauti,Mauza Dehan Of Palampur Forest Division.'5CA2010Pre-Plantation Operations4015421.006939.00
13 PalampurBaijnathP 16 P Sidhpur-'6 Mw Baner-Ii Hep Palampur Ft. Divn.'5CA2011First Year Operation41812316.00365542.00
14 PalampurBaijnathP 76 B Tain-'Lwss Sansai-Kothi-Majhoti In Favour Of I&Ph Palampur Forest Division.1321'5CA2010First Year Operation2111188.005034.00
15 PalampurBaijnathUp-45 B Bhet Upparli C2-'33/11 Kv Sub Station At Lahru Badu In Favour Of Hpseb,Palampur Ft. Divn.'5CA2010Pre-Plantation Operations634700.0015615.00
16 PalampurPalampurUp 45 B Bhet Upparli-'Mc Palampur'5CA2010Pre-Plantation Operations679000.0042000.00
17 PalampurPalampurP 13 B Baggidhar-'Pcm Road Nh-20(Kms 132/0 To 134/300),Palampur Ft. Divn.'5CA2009Pre-Plantation Operations36276600.00124470.00
18 PalampurPalampurCef Up-10-'Const Of Ayurvedic Dispensary At Village Patti Palmapur Ft. Divn.'5CA2009Pre-Plantation Operations1174750.0033637.00
19 PalampurPalampurU 40 Plilani,U 39 P Thalla-'3 Mw Neogal-Ii Hep In Favour Of M/S Subhash Projects,Palampur'5CA2008First Year Operation7486219.00218798.00
20 PalampurPalampurU40P Lulani And U39P Thalla-'3 Mw Neogal Hep, Palampur Ft. Divn'5CA2008First Year Operation18486219.00218798.00