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Plantation Works and Estimates Management System
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S.No.StateDivisionRangeWork NameWork Duration(In Years)Scheme HeadEstimate YearOperation YearRef. No.Estimate DateFunds Allocated(In Rs.)Expenditure(In Rs.)View WorkView EstimateView Monthly ExpenditureView Work OnlineView Site OnlineSite Scanned Map
1 OdishaAthamallikBamurAr Block Plantation Barpader Dpf Apo-2013-14,(39.15Ha)-'Barapader Dpf'3ACA2014Pre-Plantation Operations1371108/10/20171322238.000.00
2 OdishaAthamallikAthamallikAnr Plantation At Mahendrapur Rf-'Anr Plantation At Mahendrapur R.F (Ts) 1St Year, 83.96 Ha, Apo-2014-15, Athmallik Range'3OTHER2016Second Year Operation15716/10F07/07/2017133295.000.00
3 OdishaAthamallikAthamallikAnr With Gap Plantation Mahendrapur Rf, Compt No-1, 70 Ha-'Anr With Gap Plantation Mahendrapur Rf, Comptt No-1,'4SZ2016First Year Operation15716/10F07/07/2017239609.000.00
4 OdishaAthamallikMadhapurAnr With Gap Plantation West Baruni Rf, Compt No- 1-'Anr Plantation At West Bareni R.F Compt No-1 Apo-2014-15'4OTHER2016Second Year Operation15716/10F07/07/201783975.000.00
5 OdishaAthamallikDhandatopaAnr With Gap Plantation Kutulusinga Rf-'Anr With Gap Plantation Kutulusinga Rf, Comptt No.-6'4ACA2016First Year Operation15716/10F07/07/2017114422.000.00
6 OdishaAthamallikDhandatopaSafety Zone Plantation At Kutulusinga Rf, Compt No-6-'Safety Zone Plantation At Kutulusinga Rf, Comptt No.-6'4SZ2016First Year Operation15716/10F07/07/201798033.000.00
7 OdishaAthamallikDhandatopaRwc, Anr Plantation At Dantarikhol Rf-'Rwc ,Anr Plantation At Dantarikhol R.F (Ts)-110.83 Ha, Dhandatopa Range Apo-2014-15'3OTHER2016Second Year Operation15716/10F07/07/2017144505.000.00
8 OdishaAthamallikHandapaComp. Affn. Ar Papsara Kf-'Papsara K.F'4ACA2016Second Year Operation15716/10F07/07/201763623.000.00
9 OdishaAthamallikHandapaComp.Affn.Ar Beleinali-'Beleinali K.F'4ACA2016Second Year Operation15716/10F07/07/201763623.000.00
10 OdishaAthamallikHandapaComp. Affn. Ar Nuakuajhari Kf-'Nuakuajhari K.F'4ACA2016Second Year Operation15716/10F07/07/2017476679.000.00