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11/24/2020 20:17:14
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Plantation Works and Estimates Management System
View Details of Progress of Plantations against Estimates

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S.No.StateDivisionRangeWork NameWork Duration(In Years)Scheme HeadEstimate YearOperation YearRef. No.Estimate DateFunds Allocated(In Rs.)Expenditure(In Rs.)View WorkView EstimateView Monthly ExpenditureView Work OnlineView Site OnlineSite Scanned Map
1 RajasthanDCF Dausa RANGE LALSOTDigo Anr 2019-20-'Digo Anr 19-20'5ANR2020First Year Operation307305/08/2020486200.000.00
2 RajasthanDCF Dausa RANGE LALSOTGhata Nimaz-'Ghata Nimaz'5ANR2020First Year Operation307305/08/2020486200.000.00
3 RajasthanDCF Dausa RANGE SIKRAYGaddi Gerota-'Gaddi Garota'5ANR2020First Year Operation216026/06/2020486200.000.00
4 RajasthanDCF Dausa RANGE SIKRAYMoroli Anr 2019-20-'Moroli Anr'5ANR2020First Year Operation216026/06/2020486200.000.00
5 RajasthanDCF Dausa RANGE LALSOTAff Toda Thekla Rdf I-'Toda Tehkla'5Rajasthan2020Third Year Operation122524/04/202018500.000.00
6 RajasthanDCF Dausa RANGE SIKRAYBharawada Rdf Ii 15 Ha-'Bharwada'5Rajasthan2020Third Year Operation122524/04/202027600.000.00
7 RajasthanDCF Dausa RANGE LALSOTDigo Rdf I-'Digo'5Rajasthan2020Third Year Operation122524/04/202046500.000.00
8 RajasthanDCF Dausa RANGE DAUSAPlp Kalota-'Kalota'5Rajasthan2020Third Year Operation122524/04/20208000.000.00
9 RajasthanDCF Dausa RANGE DAUSARdf Ii Badoli-'Badoli Rdf Ii'5Rajasthan2020Third Year Operation122524/04/20209400.000.00
10 RajasthanDCF Dausa RANGE SIKRAYMoroli Anr 2019-20-'Moroli Anr'5ANR2019Pre-Plantation Operations634006/12/20192081200.000.00