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Plantation Works and Estimates Management System
View Details of Progress of Plantations against Estimates

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S.No.DivisionRangeWork NameWork Duration(In Years)Scheme HeadEstimate YearOperation YearRef. No.Funds Allocated(In Rs.)View WorkView EstimateView Work OnlineView Site OnlineSite Scanned Map
1 RajgarhRajgarhCa Plantation In Rf Sanio Deedag C3B-'R.F Sanio Deedag C3B'10AR2017Pre-Plantation Operationsft. CAMPA/2010/Nahan317500.00
2 RajgarhRajgarhCa Plantation In Pf Dawnga Saini-'Pf Dawnga Saini'10AR2017Pre-Plantation Operationsft. CAMPA/2010/Nahan317500.00
3 RajgarhRajgarhCa Plantation In Gadol Pirag C1-'Rf Ghadol Pirag C1'10AR2017Pre-Plantation Operationsft. CAMPA/2010/Nahan317500.00
4 RajgarhNaragCa Plantation In Mf Kotla Barog-'Mf Kotla Barog'10AR2017Pre-Plantation Operationsft. CAMPA/2010/Nahan476200.00
5 RajgarhNaragCa Plantation In Mf Sandhral-'Mf Sandhral'10AR2017Pre-Plantation Operationsft. CAMPA/2010/Nahan190500.00
6 RajgarhNaragCa Plantation In Mf Thari-'Mf Thari'10AR2017Pre-Plantation Operationsft. CAMPA/2010/Nahan211400.00
7 RajgarhHabbanCa Plantation In Rf Dalmu Deothi-'Rf Dalmu Deothi'10AR2017Pre-Plantation Operationsft. CAMPA/2010/Nahan317500.00
8 RajgarhHabbanCa Plantation In Rf Katoga C2-'Rf Katoga C2'10AR2017Pre-Plantation Operationsft. CAMPA/2010/Nahan635000.00
9 RajgarhHabbanCa Plantation In Rf Oria-'Rf Oria'10AR2017Pre-Plantation Operationsft. CAMPA/2010/Nahan356200.00
10 RajgarhHabbanCa Plantation In Rf Shalogni C2-'Rf Shalogni C2'10AR2017Pre-Plantation Operationsft. CAMPA/2010/Nahan317500.00
11 RajgarhSarahanCa Plantation In Uf Killa Kilanch C1-'Uf Killa Kilanch'10AR2017Pre-Plantation OperationsFt.CAMPA/2010/Nahan/317500.00
12 PaontaMajraRf Badighati-'Rf Badighati C-2 & C-3'5AR2015Pre-Plantation Operations677/12.05.2015335000.00
13 PaontaMajraRf Naurangabad C-5 & C - 7-'Rf Naurangabad C- 5 & C- 7'5AR2015Pre-Plantation Operations677/12.05.2015670000.00
14 SolanDharampurCa In Respect Of Link Road To Ghai-'R-30 Chabal'1CA2005Pre-Plantation Operations01/2005-0630990.00
15 PaontaBhaganiCompensatory Afforestsation-'Rf Dhandla C-7 & 9'7CA2013Pre-Plantation Operationscf nahan 3057-58404250.00
16 PaontaBhaganiCompensatory Afforestsation-'Rf Danda Amboya C-10'7CA2013Pre-Plantation Operationscf nahan 3057-58673750.00
17 PaontaGirinagarCompensatory Afforestsation-'Gullarwala C-12 And C-13'7CA2012Pre-Plantation Operationscf nahan 4552661250.00
18 PaontaMajraCompensatory Afforestsation-'Mastali C-2'7CA2012Pre-Plantation Operationscf nahan 4552264500.00
19 PaontaBhaganiCompensatory Afforestsation-'Kandella C2 And 3'7CA2012Pre-Plantation Operationscf nahan 455227500.00
20 PaontaBhaganiRf Rajpur C-2-'Rf Kandela, Rf Danda Amboya ,Rf Mehruwala,Rf Dhandhla ,Rf Salatha C-3&4,Rf Majri C-4,Rf Khojjar C-5'2CA2010Pre-Plantation OperationsYTRYT120000.00