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Plantation Works and Estimates Management System
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S.No.DivisionRangeWork NameWork Duration(In Years)Scheme HeadEstimate YearOperation YearRef. No.Funds Allocated(In Rs.)View WorkView EstimateView Work OnlineView Site OnlineSite Scanned Map
1 DahanuBordiSfda (A.N.R)-'2014-15 Com No.16-17 Sfda (Anr) Vevaji'5SFDA(A.N.R)2017Third Year Operation2138042.00
2 DahanuPalgharDistrict Plan-Ar(Bamboo)-'2015-16 Com No. 90, District Plan-Ar(Bamboo), Padgha'5DISTRICT PLAN(A.R.)2018Third Year Operation2173339.00
3 DahanuUdhawaDistrict Plan Anr-'2014-15 Comp No.416 District Plan (Anr), Anvir'5DISTRICT PLAN(A.N.R.)2018Fourth Year Operation22131548.00
4 DahanuUdhawaSfda (A.N.R)-'2014-15 Com No.267 Sfda (Anr) Kalamdevi'5SFDA(A.N.R)2018Fourth Year Operation21131548.00
5 DahanuUdhawaDistrict Plan Anr-'2014-15 Comp No.267 District Plan (Anr), Shilonda'5DISTRICT PLAN(A.N.R.)2018Fourth Year Operation20131548.00
6 DahanuUdhawaDistrict Plan (Ar)-Moha-'2013-14 Comp No. 9-10 District Plan (Ar), Varwada'6DISTRICT PLAN(A.R.)2018Fifth Year Operation19131548.00
7 DahanuUdhawaDistrict Plan (Ar)-'2013-14 Comp No. 264 District Plan (Ar), (Tsp) Modgaon'6DISTRICT PLAN(A.R.)2018Fifth Year Operation18131548.00
8 DahanuUdhawaDistrict Plan (Ar)-Khair-'2013-14 Comp No. 269 District Plan (Ar), Shilonda'6DISTRICT PLAN(A.R.)2018Fifth Year Operation17133730.00
9 DahanuUdhawaSfda (Ar)-'2013-14 Comp No. 256 Sfda (Ar), Shisane'6SFDA(A.R.)2018Fifth Year Operation16131548.00
10 DahanuUdhawaSfda (Ar)-'2013-14 Comp No.44 Sfda (Ar), Dhanivari'6SFDA(A.R.)2018Fifth Year Operation15131548.00
11 DahanuUdhawaSfda (Ar)-'2014-15 Com No. 271 Sfda (Ar) Ashte'5SFDA(A.R.)2018Fourth Year Operation14131548.00
12 DahanuUdhawaDistrict Plan (Ar)-Khair-'2014-15Comp No. 259 District Plan (Ar) Khair, Modgaon'5DISTRICT PLAN(A.R.)2018Fourth Year Operation13135182.00
13 DahanuUdhawaDistrict Plan (Ar)-Khair-'2014-15 Comp No. 10 District Plan (Ar) Khair, Varvade'5DISTRICT PLAN(A.R.)2018Fourth Year Operation12136636.00
14 DahanuUdhawaState Plan (Ar)-'2014-15 Com No.264 State Plan (Ar), Modgaon'5STATE PLAN(A.R.)2018Fourth Year Operation11131548.00
15 DahanuUdhawaDistrict Plan (Ar)-'2014-15 Comp No. 271 District Plan (Ar), Ashte'5DISTRICT PLAN(A.R.)2018Fourth Year Operation10131548.00
16 DahanuUdhawaDistrict Plan (Ar)-'2014-15 Comp No. 413 District Plan (Ar), Kurze'5DISTRICT PLAN(A.R.)2018Fourth Year Operation9131548.00
17 DahanuUdhawaDistrict Plan (Ar)-'2014-15 Comp No. 413 District Plan (Ar), Kurze'5DISTRICT PLAN(A.R.)2018Fourth Year Operation8138816.00
18 DahanuUdhawaDistrict Plan (Ar)-'2014-15 Comp No. 44 District Plan (Ar), Dhanivari'5DISTRICT PLAN(A.R.)2018Fourth Year Operation7131548.00
19 DahanuUdhawa13 Fin. (A.R)-'2014-15 Comp No.261 13 Fic. (Ar), Khubale'513 fin. (A.R)2018Fourth Year Operation6124281.00
20 DahanuUdhawaSfda (Ar)-'2014-15 Comp No.256 Sfda (Ar), Sisane'5SFDA(A.R.)2018Fourth Year Operation5131548.00