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Plantation Works and Estimates Management System
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S.No.DivisionRangeWork NameWork Duration(In Years)Scheme HeadEstimate YearOperation YearRef. No.Funds Allocated(In Rs.)View WorkView EstimateView Work OnlineView Site OnlineSite Scanned Map
1 JalgaonJalgaonPlantation 2013 Umala Com.No.448-450/6 Non Plan Ar Ha.25-'Umala Com. No.448-450/6 Non Plan Ar Ha.25.00'5NON PLAN(A.R.)2013Pre-Plantation Operations2781013933.00
2 JalgaonChalisgaonPlantation 2013 Village Ratale Com.No. 337/6 Non Plan Ar-'Ratale- Com. No. 337/6 Non Plan Ar'5NON PLAN(A.R.)2013Pre-Plantation Operations2711013933.00
3 JalgaonJamnerPlantation 2013 Tornala Com. No.466/6 Non Plan Ar-'Tornala Com.No.466/6 20.00 Ha. Non Plan Ar'5NON PLAN(A.R.)2013Pre-Plantation Operations272811147.00
4 JalgaonWadodaPlantation 2013 Jondhankheda Com. No. 565/6 Non Plan Ar-'Jondhankheda Com. No.565-6 Ha.30.00 Non Plan Ar'5NON PLAN(A.R.)2013Pre-Plantation Operations2861216720.00
5 JalgaonParolaPlantation 2013 Non-Plan Ar Janve Com.356/6-'Janve Com. No.356/4 Non Plan Ar'5NON PLAN(A.R.)2013Pre-Plantation Operations2821013933.00
6 JalgaonErandolPlantation 2013 Khanrchi Comp.402(6) Non Plan Rdf Ar-'Kharchi Com.No.402-6 Non Plan Ar'5NON PLAN(A.R.)2013Pre-Plantation Operations2901013933.00
7 JalgaonMuktainagarPantation Karanji Com.513 /6-'Karanji/Com.513(6) Non Plan Ar'5NON PLAN(A.R.)2013Pre-Plantation Operations2701013933.00
8 JalgaonMuktainagarPlantation Non-Plan Ar Salsingi Com.513(6)-'Salsingi Com. 513(6)'5NON PLAN(A.R.)2013Pre-Plantation Operations2701013933.00
9 JalgaonJalgaonPlantation 2013 Lonwadi Com No.436 Vi 25 Ha. Mfp-'Lonwadi Com No.436 Vi 25 Ha. Mfp'5OTHERS(A.R.)2013Pre-Plantation Operations2671013933.00
10 JalgaonErandolPlantation 2013 Kharchi Com.402/6 Jfm-'Kharchi Com.No.402-6 Jfm'5OTHERS(A.R.)2013Pre-Plantation Operations25527525.00
11 JalgaonJalgaonPlantation 2013 Jalketanda Com No.416/6 Ha.20 13Th Finanance-'Jalketanda Com No.416/6 Ha.20 13Th Finanance'513 fin. (A.R)2013Pre-Plantation Operations266736335.00
12 JalgaonChalisgaonPlantation 2013 Rajdehare Com. No.295/6 Sfda Ar-'Rajdehare-295-6'5SFDA(A.R.)2013Pre-Plantation Operations241563690.00
13 JalgaonWadodaPlantation Rajora Comp. 557/6 Sfda-'Rajora Com 557/6 25.00 Ha. Sfda'5SFDA(A.R.)2013Pre-Plantation Operations204563690.00
14 JalgaonWadodaPlantation Rajora Comp. 557/6 Sfda-'Rajora Com 557/6 25.00 Ha. Sfda'5SFDA(A.R.)2013Pre-Plantation Operations204563690.00
15 JalgaonChalisgaonPlantation 2013 Upkheda Comp.317/6 Rdf-'Upkhed-Com. No.317/6 Rdf'5DISTRICT PLAN(A.R.)2013Pre-Plantation Operations105847788.00
16 JalgaonParolaUpkhed Plantation-'Parola 208 To 212'10CA2004Second Year Operation105847788.00
17 JalgaonPachoraPlantation 2013 Pahan Com. No.419/6 Rdf-'Pahan Com. No.419/6 25.00 Ha. Rdf'5DISTRICT PLAN(A.R.)2013Pre-Plantation Operations109847788.00
18 JalgaonJalgaonPlantation 2013 Rotvad Com No.436 /6 25 Ha. Rdf-'Rotvad Com No.436 /6 25 Ha. Rdf'5DISTRICT PLAN(A.R.)2013Pre-Plantation Operations107847788.00
19 JalgaonJalgaonPlantation 2013 Umala Com.No.448-450/6 Rdf-'Umala Com. No.448-450/6 Rdf Ha.20.00'5DISTRICT PLAN(A.R.)2013Pre-Plantation Operations113678230.00
20 JalgaonChalisgaonPlantation 2013 Kalmadu, Comp- 322/6 Rdf-'Kalmadu-322/6'5DISTRICT PLAN(A.R.)2013Pre-Plantation Operations115847788.00