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02/20/2020 13:47:57
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Plantation Works and Estimates Management System
View Details of Progress of Plantations against Estimates

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S.No.DivisionRangeWork NameWork Duration(In Years)Scheme HeadEstimate YearOperation YearRef. No.Funds Allocated(In Rs.)View WorkView EstimateView Work OnlineView Site OnlineSite Scanned Map
1 DCF Pali RANGE SUMERPURAnr Sindru-'Anr Sindru'5ANR2017Pre-Plantation Operations1369-140227.59
2 DCF Pali RANGE SUMERPURAnr Rojra Rdf-Ii 2017-18-'Anr Rojda'5ANR2017Pre-Plantation Operations1369-140227.59
3 DCF Pali RANGE SOJATAnr Butelao-'Anr Butelav'5ANR2017Pre-Plantation Operations1369-140227.59
4 DCF Pali RANGE PALIAnr Devan 2017-18-'Anr Devan'5ANR2017Pre-Plantation Operations1369-140227.59
5 DCF Pali RANGE SENDRAAnr Sendra Rdf-Ii 2017-18-'Anr Sendra'5ANR2017Pre-Plantation Operations1369-140227.59
6 DCF Pali RANGE SENDRAAnr Lalpuru Rdf-Ii 2017-18-'Anr Lalpura 2017-18'5ANR2017Pre-Plantation Operations1369-140227.59
7 DCF Pali RANGE SENDRAAnr Sumel 2017-18-'Anr Sumel 2017-18'5ANR2017Pre-Plantation Operations1369-140227.59
8 DCF Pali RANGE SENDRAAnr Doliya Rdf Ii-'Anr Doliya 2017-18'5ANR2017Pre-Plantation Operations1369-140227.59
9 DCF Pali RANGE SENDRAAnr Rass Sendra-'Anr Rass Sendra'5ANR2017Pre-Plantation Operations1369-140227.59
10 DCF Pali RANGE PALIPunagar 2014-15 Campa-'Punagar 2014-15 Campa'5ANR2013Pre-Plantation Operations83551468000.00
11 DCF Pali RANGE SENDRAAmarpura 2011-12 Campa-'Amarpura 2011-12 Campa'5ANR2010Pre-Plantation Operations9481305000.00