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Plantation Works and Estimates Management System
View Details of Progress of Plantations against Estimates

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S.No.StateDivisionRangeWork NameWork Duration(In Years)Scheme HeadEstimate YearOperation YearRef. No.Funds Allocated(In Rs.)Expenditure(In Rs.)View EstimateView Monthly ExpenditureView Work OnlineView Site OnlineSite Scanned Map
1 RajasthanDCF Bhilwara RANGE ASINDRajpura-'Rajpura Non Forest Campa A/W 20117 (Chambal Pipe Line)'4District Sector Scheme2018Pre-Plantation Operations11433 - 38567800.000.00
2 RajasthanDCF Bhilwara RANGE SHAHPURA Taswariyabasa 50 Hac-'Taswariyabasa 2018-19 Add.Work'5ANR2018Pre-Plantation Operations0017.500.00
3 RajasthanDCF Bhilwara RANGE JAHAJPURIntunda Campa Anr 2016-'Intunda Campa Anr 2016'5ANR2015Pre-Plantation Operations22301664200.000.00
4 RajasthanDCF Bhilwara RANGE JAHAJPURJhojar Campa Anr 2016-'Jhojar Campa Anr 2016'5ANR2015Pre-Plantation Operations22301664200.000.00
5 RajasthanDCF Bhilwara RANGE JAHAJPURKaaliya Dunger Campa Anr 2016-'Kaaliya Dunger Campa Anr 2016'5ANR2015Pre-Plantation Operations22301664200.000.00
6 RajasthanDCF Bhilwara RANGE MANDALGARHSaimala Campa Anr 2016-'Saimala Campa Anr 2016'5ANR2015Pre-Plantation Operations22301664200.000.00
7 RajasthanDCF Bhilwara RANGE MANDALGARHMangarh 50 Ha-'Mangarh Rfbp 2 A/W 2014'5Rajasthan2015First Year Operation6425499000.000.00
8 RajasthanDCF Bhilwara RANGE MANDALGARHDumariya-C Campa Rdf Year 2012 (Total 50Ha Planted)-'Doli Dooma Block'10PCA2015Fourth Year Operation6221209150.000.00
9 RajasthanDCF Bhilwara RANGE MANDALGARHDumariya Campa Rdf 2011 (Total 50Ha Planted)-'Doli Dooma Block'10PCA2015Fifth Year Operation6221209150.000.00
10 RajasthanDCF Bhilwara RANGE JAHAJPURThitoda Campa Dfl 2015 (Total Planted 52Ha)-'Kheruna Block'10PCA2015First Year Operation62211492400.000.00