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Plantation Works and Estimates Management System
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S.No.StateDivisionRangeWork NameWork Duration(In Years)Scheme HeadEstimate YearOperation YearRef. No.Funds Allocated(In Rs.)Expenditure(In Rs.)View EstimateView Monthly ExpenditureView Work OnlineView Site OnlineSite Scanned Map
1 Tamil NaduTheniPeriyakulam TheniPlanting Of Miscellaneous Seedlings In Mandaikaradu Rl Of Periyakulam Range Under Campa Scheme.-'Mandaikaradu Rl (Degraded Forest Land)'1AR2014Pre-Plantation OperationsDSO No.77/2014-1524700.000.00
2 Tamil NaduMaduraiSholavandanRaising Compensatory Plantation-'Paliyankaradu'4AR2012Pre-Plantation Operations10228/12275000.00275000.00
3 Tamil NaduMaduraiUsilampattyRaising Compensatory Plantation-'Vellakaradu'4AR2012Pre-Plantation Operations10229/201284762.00284762.00
4 Tamil NaduTheniUthamapalalyamRaising Of Compensatory Afforestation Over 9.60 Ha In Sy.No. 17/1 And 87/1 Of Thevaram Hill Village.-'Kutharaipanchan Saragam, Thevaram South Beat'1AR2010Pre-Plantation Operations10/2010-11142000.000.00
5 Tamil NaduMaduraiUsilampattyRaising Compensatory Afforestation-'Uthappanaickanur Addl.3'4AR1994Pre-Plantation Operations199548.0048810.00