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08/17/2019 22:49:14
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Plantation Works and Estimates Management System
View Details of Progress of Plantations against Estimates

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S.No.DivisionRangeWork NameWork Duration(In Years)Scheme HeadEstimate YearOperation YearRef. No.Funds Allocated(In Rs.)View WorkView EstimateView Work OnlineView Site OnlineSite Scanned Map
1 Social Forestry Division VaranasiVaranasiNon-Ca Plantation-'Domaila Gram Samaj (Year 2018)'10A & SC2017Pre-Plantation Operations57/2017-1899300.00
2 Social Forestry Division VaranasiBabatpurNon-Ca Plantation-'Maksudanpatti Gram Samaj (Year 20018)'10A & SC2017Pre-Plantation Operations58/2017-1868670.00
3 Social Forestry Division VaranasiBabatpurNon-Ca Plantation-'Belavan Gram Samaj (Talab) (Year 2018)'10A & SC2017Pre-Plantation Operations59/2017-1868680.00
4 Social Forestry Division VaranasiBabatpurNon-Ca Plantation-'Parsada Gram Samaj (Year 2018)'10A & SC2017Pre-Plantation Operations60/2017-1868000.00
5 Social Forestry Division VaranasiBabatpurNon-Ca Plantation-'Chilbila Gram Samaj (Year 2018)'10A & SC2017Pre-Plantation Operations61/2017-18103190.00
6 Social Forestry Division VaranasiBabatpurNon Ca Plantation-'Saravan Gram Samaj (Year 2018)'10A & SC2017Pre-Plantation Operations62/2017-18103190.00
7 Social Forestry Division VaranasiVaranasiNon-Ca Plantation-'Lalpur Gram Samaj (Talab) (Year 20018)'10A & SC2017Pre-Plantation Operations75/2017-1826000.00
8 Social Forestry Division VaranasiVaranasiNon-Ca Plantation-'Beshupur Gram Samaj (Year 2018)'10A & SC2017Pre-Plantation Operations74/2017-1834000.00
9 Social Forestry Division VaranasiVaranasiNon-Ca Plantation-'36 Vin Vahini Pac Ramnagar'10A & SC2017Pre-Plantation Operations73/2017-1854000.00
10 Social Forestry Division VaranasiVaranasiNon-Ca Plantation-'Kashi Vidyapeeth Parisar Gangapur'10A & SC2017Pre-Plantation Operations72/2017-1854000.00
11 Social Forestry Division VaranasiVaranasiNon-Ca Plantation-'Khamouna Gram Samaj (Year 2018)'10A & SC2017Pre-Plantation Operations71/2017-1823000.00
12 Social Forestry Division VaranasiVaranasiNon-Ca Plantation-'Pratappur Gram Samaj (Year 2018)'10A & SC2017Pre-Plantation Operations70/2017-1839000.00
13 Social Forestry Division VaranasiKashiNon-Ca Plantation-'Prathmik Swasthya Kendra Niyardeeh (Year 2018)'10A & SC2017Pre-Plantation Operations69/2017-1824900.00
14 Social Forestry Division VaranasiKashiNon-Ca Plantation-'Veerapatti Railway Yard (Pol No. 784/21 Se 784/31) (Year 2018)'10A & SC2017Pre-Plantation Operations68/2017-1848800.00
15 Social Forestry Division VaranasiBabatpurNon-Ca Plantation-'Rasulpur Gram Samaj (Talab) (Year 2018)'10A & SC2017Pre-Plantation Operations67/2017-189500.00
16 Social Forestry Division VaranasiBabatpurNon-Ca Plantation-'Anai Gram Samaj (Year 2018)'10A & SC2017Pre-Plantation Operations66/2017-1851500.00
17 Social Forestry Division VaranasiBabatpurNon-Ca Plantation-'Belari Gram Samaj (Talab)(Year 2018)'10A & SC2017Pre-Plantation Operations65/2017-1851500.00
18 Social Forestry Division VaranasiBabatpurNon-Ca Plantation-'Kaniyar Gram Samaj (Year 2018)'10A & SC2017Pre-Plantation Operations64/2017-1885840.00
19 Social Forestry Division VaranasiBabatpurNon-Ca Plantation-'Bhadra Kali Mandir Bhumi Saravan (Year 2018)'10A & SC2017Pre-Plantation Operations63/2017-1834300.00
20 Social Forestry Division VaranasiKashiNon Ca Plantation-'Roop Chandpur Gram Samaj (2016)'10A & SC2017Second Year Operation4136000.00