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Plantation Works and Estimates Management System
View Details of Progress of Plantations against Estimates

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Estimate Year :
S.No.StateDivisionRangeWork NameWork Duration(In Years)Scheme HeadEstimate YearOperation YearRef. No.Funds Allocated(In Rs.)Expenditure(In Rs.)View EstimateView Monthly ExpenditureSite Scanned Map
1 UttarakhandDFO Dehradun , dehradunRO Malhan DehradunRoad Side Plantation-'Karwari 1-B'1OTHER2015Pre-Plantation Operations26/2015-16189000.00189000.00
2 UttarakhandDFO Dehradun , dehradunRO Thano , DehradunSaura Block-'Plantation In Saura Block'1OTHER2015Pre-Plantation Operations450/3-31817225.001817225.00
3 UttarakhandDFO Dehradun , dehradunRO malsi , DehradunPlantaiton In School Ground-'Plantation In Rgic Kargi'1OTHER2012Pre-Plantation Operations135/12-1385000.000.00
4 UttarakhandDFO Dehradun , dehradunRO Lachchiwala , DehradunBeat-'Banwaha -3'1OTHER2015Pre-Plantation Operations392/3-31600000.003200000.00
5 UttarakhandDFO Dehradun , dehradunRO malsi , DehradunBannu School Race Course-'Plantation Work In Bannu School'1OTHER2014Pre-Plantation Operations89/14-1582400.000.00
6 UttarakhandDFO Dehradun , dehradunRO malsi , DehradunKargigrant-'Plantation Work Of Kargigrant'1OTHER2014Pre-Plantation Operations90/14-1559400.000.00
7 UttarakhandDFO Dehradun , dehradunRO malsi , DehradunRoad Side Plantation In Vasant Vihar Society-'Basant Vihar Society, Dutta Inclave & Hindu National School'1OTHER2014Pre-Plantation Operations93/14-15216000.000.00
8 UttarakhandDFO Dehradun , dehradunRO malsi , DehradunPragtrivihar, Mohkampur-'Plantation In Mohkampur'1OTHER2014Pre-Plantation Operations88184672.00184672.00
9 UttarakhandDFO Dehradun , dehradunRO malsi , DehradunRoad Side Plantation-'Plantation In Premnagar'1OTHER2013Pre-Plantation Operations60/13-1483000.000.00
10 UttarakhandDFO Dehradun , dehradunRO Thano , DehradunPlantation In Centre Of Divider In Joly-2-'Plantation In Joly-2'1OTHER2013Pre-Plantation Operations83/13-14343000.000.00