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10/30/2020 12:38:46
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Plantation Works and Estimates Management System
Division-wise , Head-wise summary of targets and expenditure on various works/estimates (sum of all targets and expenditure on all estimates)
[Note:All amounts are in Thousands]
State :   Financial Year : Circle :

Note: 'T' after the name of the head - Indicates Target and 'A' after the name of the head - indocates Achievement
[All amounts are in Thousands]
S.No.CircleDivisionNPV-TNPV-ACA-TCA-ACAT-TCAT-AACA-TACA-AANR-TANR-APCA-TPCA-APAF-TPAF-ASZ-TSZ-AOTHER-TOTHER-A13 fin. (A.R)-T13 fin. (A.R)-A13 fin.(N.R.)-T13 fin.(N.R.)-ASFDA(A.R.)-TSFDA(A.R.)-ASFDA(A.N.R)-TSFDA(A.N.R)-ASTATE PLAN(A.R.)-TSTATE PLAN(A.R.)-ASTATE PLAN(N.R.)-TSTATE PLAN(N.R.)-ANON PLAN(A.R.)-TNON PLAN(A.R.)-ANON PLAN (N.R.)-TNON PLAN (N.R.)-AMGNREGA(A.R.)-TMGNREGA(A.R.)-AMGNREGA(A.N.R.)-TMGNREGA(A.N.R.)-ATRIPT AGMT(A.R.)-TTRIPT AGMT(A.R.)-AOTHERS(A.R.)-TOTHERS(A.R.)-ADISTRICT PLAN(A.R.)-TDISTRICT PLAN(A.R.)-ADISTRICT PLAN(N.R.)-TDISTRICT PLAN(N.R.)-ADEMAND : 30 , 31-TDEMAND : 30 , 31-AWIld Life Protection-TWIld Life Protection-AMACRO MANAGEMENT AGRICULTURE DEPTT-TMACRO MANAGEMENT AGRICULTURE DEPTT-AD-FORESRTY AND WILDLIFE-TD-FORESRTY AND WILDLIFE-AS-FORESRTY AND WILDLIFE-TS-FORESRTY AND WILDLIFE-AS-Capital expenditure on forestry and wildlife-TS-Capital expenditure on forestry and wildlife-AC-FORESRTY AND WILDLIFE-TC-FORESRTY AND WILDLIFE-AC-Capital expenditure on forestry and wildlife-TC-Capital expenditure on forestry and wildlife-A30 SCHEDULED CASTES WELFARE-T30 SCHEDULED CASTES WELFARE-A31 SCHEDULED TRIBE WELFARE-T31 SCHEDULED TRIBE WELFARE-AMGNREGA-TMGNREGA-AUTTARAKHAND DECENTRALISED WATERSHED DEVELOPMENT PR-TUTTARAKHAND DECENTRALISED WATERSHED DEVELOPMENT PR-AINTEGRATED AJEEVIKA ASSISTANCE PROJECT-TINTEGRATED AJEEVIKA ASSISTANCE PROJECT-AWATERSHED MANAGEMENT DIRECTORATE-TWATERSHED MANAGEMENT DIRECTORATE-ADAMAGE TO HUMAN : FATAL-TDAMAGE TO HUMAN : FATAL-ADAMAGE TO HUMAN :INJURY-TDAMAGE TO HUMAN :INJURY-ADAMAGE TO CATTLE-TDAMAGE TO CATTLE-ADAMAGE TO CROPS-TDAMAGE TO CROPS-ADAMAGE TO HOUSES-TDAMAGE TO HOUSES-AJICA-TJICA-AGREEN INDIA MISSION-TGREEN INDIA MISSION-AForest Research-TForest Research-AWorking Plan Organisation-TWorking Plan Organisation-AComputerization of Forest Department-TComputerization of Forest Department-AWestern Ghats Task Force-TWestern Ghats Task Force-ADevelopment of Degraded Forests-TDevelopment of Degraded Forests-AGreening of Urban Areas-TGreening of Urban Areas-AForest Protection, Regeneration and Cultural Opera-TForest Protection, Regeneration and Cultural Opera-A13th Finance (Finance Commission Grants for Preser-T13th Finance (Finance Commission Grants for Preser-AMaintenance of Medicinal Plants Conservation Areas-TMaintenance of Medicinal Plants Conservation Areas-ACultivation of Sandalwood Trees-TCultivation of Sandalwood Trees-ADevelopment & Preservation of Devarakadu-TDevelopment & Preservation of Devarakadu-APrevention of Encroachment and Consolidation of Fo-TPrevention of Encroachment and Consolidation of Fo-ARoad Side Plantation-TRoad Side Plantation-AVillage Forest Committees-TVillage Forest Committees-ARaising of Seedlings for Public Distribution-TRaising of Seedlings for Public Distribution-AEco Tourism-TEco Tourism-ASamvrudha Hasiru Grama Yojane-TSamvrudha Hasiru Grama Yojane-ATree Park-TTree Park-AMaguvigondu mara & Shalegondu Vana-TMaguvigondu mara & Shalegondu Vana-ASpecial Component Programme for Scheduled Castes-TSpecial Component Programme for Scheduled Castes-ATribal Sub-Plan (TSP)-TTribal Sub-Plan (TSP)-AVoluntary Rehabilition of families from Tiger Rese-TVoluntary Rehabilition of families from Tiger Rese-ALong term measures to address man animal conflict-TLong term measures to address man animal conflict-ANature Conservation-TNature Conservation-AKudremukh National Park for Rehabilition-TKudremukh National Park for Rehabilition-ADevelopment of Newly Declared Sanctuaries and Cons-TDevelopment of Newly Declared Sanctuaries and Cons-ALand & Buildings-TLand & Buildings-AConstruction of Quarters for Frontline Staff-TConstruction of Quarters for Frontline Staff-AConservation and Management of Mangrove-TConservation and Management of Mangrove-AIntensification of Forest Management Scheme-TIntensification of Forest Management Scheme-AProject Tiger-TProject Tiger-ADevelopment of Wildlife Habitats-TDevelopment of Wildlife Habitats-ANeelgiri Biosphere Rescue-TNeelgiri Biosphere Rescue-AProject Elephant-TProject Elephant-AAssitance to Zilla Panchayats-TAssitance to Zilla Panchayats-ABuildings- Zilla Panchayat-TBuildings- Zilla Panchayat-ACapital Expenses-TCapital Expenses-AMajor Works-TMajor Works-ARMOE-TRMOE-ANON PLAN (A.N.R.)-TNON PLAN (A.N.R.)-A0-T0-AAfforestation-TAfforestation-AEnrichment Plantations-TEnrichment Plantations-APasture Development-TPasture Development-ADISTRICT PLAN(A.N.R.)-TDISTRICT PLAN(A.N.R.)-ARajasthan-TRajasthan-ARajasthan-T1Rajasthan-A1Rajasthan-T2Rajasthan-A2Rajasthan-T3Rajasthan-A3Rajasthan-T4Rajasthan-A4EI-TEI-ACA Plantation-TCA Plantation-AOTHER-T1OTHER-A1test scheme for demo-l2-Ttest scheme for demo-l2-AGreen Belt in Urban Areas-TGreen Belt in Urban Areas-ARehabilitation of Degraded Forest-TRehabilitation of Degraded Forest-ADevelopment of Agro Forestry in Community/Farm Lan-TDevelopment of Agro Forestry in Community/Farm Lan-ADesert Control-TDesert Control-AHeadquarter Staff-THeadquarter Staff-ARDF-TRDF-AROI in Agro Forestry-TROI in Agro Forestry-AHarbal Nature Park-THarbal Nature Park-ATImber & Other Produce-TTImber & Other Produce-AOrganisation Improvement & Extension of Forests-TOrganisation Improvement & Extension of Forests-AStrip Plantation on Govt. Land-TStrip Plantation on Govt. Land-ASocial & farm forestry-TSocial & farm forestry-AForestry Activities in SC Villages-TForestry Activities in SC Villages-AExtension Forestry on Farm land State/National Hig-TExtension Forestry on Farm land State/National Hig-ASoil Conservation on watershed basis cho training-TSoil Conservation on watershed basis cho training-AROI IN ARAVALLI HILLS-TROI IN ARAVALLI HILLS-ABuilding-TBuilding-ATotal-TTotal-A
1 CF Research ,Haldwani Hill Siviculturist
2 CF Research ,Haldwani Silviculturist Sal
3 CF South Kumaon,Ninital DFO Nainital, Nainital 0.000.0087.
4 CF South Kumaon,Ninital DFO Nainital Soil Conservation, Nainital 825.490.
5 CF South Kumaon,Ninital DFO Ramnagar Soil Conservation
6 CF South Kumaon,Ninital DFO Soil Conservation Ranikhet 12691.2112083.640.
7 CF North Kumaon ,Almora DFO Almora , Almora 0.000.00315.620.
8 CF North Kumaon ,Almora DFO Civil Soyam Almora , Almora
9 CF North Kumaon ,Almora DFO Bageshwar, Bageshwar
10 CF North Kumaon ,Almora DFO Pithoragarh ,Pithoragarh 219.000.00522.25108.400.
11 CF North Kumaon ,Almora DFO Champawat , Champawat 0.000.00655.70655.700.
12 CF Western circle, Nainital DFO Haldwani , Haldwani
13 CF Western circle, Nainital DFO Terai central , Haldwani
14 CF Western circle, Nainital DFO Terai East , Haldwani 0.000.002127.622127.620.
15 CF Western circle, Nainital DFO Terai West , Ramnagar 0.000.00260.60260.600.
16 CF Western circle, Nainital DFO Ramnagar , Ramnagar 0.000.0032.0032.
17 CF Yamuna , Dehradun DFO Tons,Purola
18 CF Yamuna , Dehradun DFO Mussoorie, Mussoorie 0.000.00195.760.
19 CF Yamuna , Dehradun DFO Chakrata , Kalsi
20 CF Yamuna , Dehradun DFO Upper Yamuna , Badkot 0.000.001699.831699.830.
21 CF Shivalik , Dehradun DFO Dehradun , dehradun
22 CF Shivalik , Dehradun DFO Soil Conservation, kalsi 546.
23 CF Shivalik , Dehradun DFO Lansdowne, kotdwaar
24 CF Shivalik , Dehradun DFO Soil Conservation , Lansdowne 320.000.00989.14550.620.
25 CF Shivalik , Dehradun DFO haridwar, Haridwar
26 CF Bhagirathi, Muni ki Reti DFO Narendra Nagar, Narendra nagar 0.000.0016970.410.
27 CF Bhagirathi, Muni ki Reti DFO Tehri , New Tehri 877.240.00269.
28 CF Bhagirathi, Muni ki Reti DFO Tehri Dam I, New Tehri 419.800.
29 CF Bhagirathi, Muni ki Reti DFO Uttarkashi, Uttarkashi 0.000.00232.600.
30 CF Bhagirathi, Muni ki Reti DFO tehri Dam II , Uttarkashi 3584.50838.360.
31 CF Bhagirathi, Muni ki Reti DFO Soil Conservation Uttarkashi 0.000.00887.370.001271.50432.330.
32 CF Garhwal ,Pauri DFO Garhwal , Pauri
33 CF Garhwal ,Pauri DFO Civil Soyam , Pauri 2617.132030.8140.0040.009513.23952.
34 CF Garhwal ,Pauri DFO Badrinath, Gopeshwar 0.000.00374.
35 CF Garhwal ,Pauri DFO Alaknanda Soil Conservation,Gopeshwar 8063.
36 CF Garhwal ,Pauri DFO Rudraprayag , Rudraprayag
37 Director , Corbett Tiger Reserve Deputy Director , corbett Tiger reserve
38 Director , Corbett Tiger Reserve DFO Kalgarh tiger Reserve
39 Director , Corbett Tiger Reserve Wildlife warden Kalagarh Tiger Reserve
40 Director Rajaji National Park , Dehradun Deputy Director , Rajaji National Park
41 Director Rajaji National Park , Dehradun Wildlife warden Chilla
42 Director Rajaji National Park , Dehradun Deputy Director Gangotri National Park 989.0012.330.
43 Director Rajaji National Park , Dehradun Deputy Director Govind pashu vihar
44 Director NDBR Gopeshwar DFO , Nanda Devi national park
45 Director NDBR Gopeshwar DFO ,Kedarnath Wildlife Division
46 Chief Conservator of Forests Administration Dehradun Deputy Conservator of Forests, Information Technology Modernisation
47 Chief Conservator of Forests Monitoring Evaluation and Audit Deputy Conservator of Forest Monitoring and Evaluation
48 APCCF Working plan WPO 1
49 APCCF Working plan WPO 2
  Total :-31332.6114965.1425659.375474.7761584.224396.701564.321508.22359.05359.