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Plantation Works and Estimates Management System
Division-wise, head-wise funds allocated for various Plantatin-Works/estimates (sum of all estimates)
[Note:All amounts are in Thousands]
State :   Financial Year : Circle :
S.No.CircleDivisionNPV(In Thousands)CA(In Thousands)CAT(In Thousands)ACA(In Thousands)ANR(In Thousands)PCA(In Thousands)PAF(In Thousands)SZ(In Thousands)OTHER(In Thousands)13 fin. (A.R)(In Thousands)13 fin.(N.R.)(In Thousands)SFDA(A.R.)(In Thousands)SFDA(A.N.R)(In Thousands)STATE PLAN(A.R.)(In Thousands)STATE PLAN(N.R.)(In Thousands)NON PLAN(A.R.)(In Thousands)NON PLAN (N.R.)(In Thousands)MGNREGA(A.R.)(In Thousands)MGNREGA(A.N.R.)(In Thousands)TRIPT AGMT(A.R.)(In Thousands)OTHERS(A.R.)(In Thousands)DISTRICT PLAN(A.R.)(In Thousands)DISTRICT PLAN(N.R.)(In Thousands)DEMAND : 30 , 31(In Thousands)WIld Life Protection(In Thousands)MACRO MANAGEMENT AGRICULTURE DEPTT(In Thousands)D-FORESRTY AND WILDLIFE(In Thousands)S-FORESRTY AND WILDLIFE(In Thousands)S-Capital expenditure on forestry and wildlife(In Thousands)C-FORESRTY AND WILDLIFE(In Thousands)C-Capital expenditure on forestry and wildlife(In Thousands)30 SCHEDULED CASTES WELFARE(In Thousands)31 SCHEDULED TRIBE WELFARE(In Thousands)MGNREGA(In Thousands)UTTARAKHAND DECENTRALISED WATERSHED DEVELOPMENT PR(In Thousands)INTEGRATED AJEEVIKA ASSISTANCE PROJECT(In Thousands)WATERSHED MANAGEMENT DIRECTORATE(In Thousands)DAMAGE TO HUMAN : FATAL(In Thousands)DAMAGE TO HUMAN :INJURY(In Thousands)DAMAGE TO CATTLE(In Thousands)DAMAGE TO CROPS(In Thousands)DAMAGE TO HOUSES(In Thousands)JICA(In Thousands)GREEN INDIA MISSION(In Thousands)Forest Research(In Thousands)Working Plan Organisation(In Thousands)Computerization of Forest Department(In Thousands)Western Ghats Task Force(In Thousands)Development of Degraded Forests(In Thousands)Greening of Urban Areas(In Thousands)Forest Protection, Regeneration and Cultural Opera(In Thousands)13th Finance (Finance Commission Grants for Preser(In Thousands)Maintenance of Medicinal Plants Conservation Areas(In Thousands)Cultivation of Sandalwood Trees(In Thousands)Development & Preservation of Devarakadu(In Thousands)Prevention of Encroachment and Consolidation of Fo(In Thousands)Road Side Plantation(In Thousands)Village Forest Committees(In Thousands)Raising of Seedlings for Public Distribution(In Thousands)Eco Tourism(In Thousands)Samvrudha Hasiru Grama Yojane(In Thousands)Tree Park(In Thousands)Maguvigondu mara & Shalegondu Vana(In Thousands)Special Component Programme for Scheduled Castes(In Thousands)Tribal Sub-Plan (TSP)(In Thousands)Voluntary Rehabilition of families from Tiger Rese(In Thousands)Long term measures to address man animal conflict(In Thousands)Nature Conservation(In Thousands)Kudremukh National Park for Rehabilition(In Thousands)Development of Newly Declared Sanctuaries and Cons(In Thousands)Land & Buildings(In Thousands)Construction of Quarters for Frontline Staff(In Thousands)Conservation and Management of Mangrove(In Thousands)Intensification of Forest Management Scheme(In Thousands)Project Tiger(In Thousands)Development of Wildlife Habitats(In Thousands)Neelgiri Biosphere Rescue(In Thousands)Project Elephant(In Thousands)Assitance to Zilla Panchayats(In Thousands)Buildings- Zilla Panchayat(In Thousands)Capital Expenses(In Thousands)Major Works(In Thousands)RMOE(In Thousands)NON PLAN (A.N.R.)(In Thousands)0(In Thousands)Afforestation(In Thousands)Enrichment Plantations(In Thousands)Pasture Development(In Thousands)DISTRICT PLAN(A.N.R.)(In Thousands)Rajasthan(In Thousands)Rajasthan(In Thousands)1Rajasthan(In Thousands)2Rajasthan(In Thousands)3Rajasthan(In Thousands)4EI(In Thousands)CA Plantation(In Thousands)OTHER(In Thousands)1test scheme for demo-l2(In Thousands)Green Belt in Urban Areas(In Thousands)Rehabilitation of Degraded Forest(In Thousands)Development of Agro Forestry in Community/Farm Lan(In Thousands)Desert Control(In Thousands)Headquarter Staff(In Thousands)RDF(In Thousands)ROI in Agro Forestry(In Thousands)Harbal Nature Park(In Thousands)TImber & Other Produce(In Thousands)Organisation Improvement & Extension of Forests(In Thousands)Strip Plantation on Govt. Land(In Thousands)Social & farm forestry(In Thousands)Forestry Activities in SC Villages(In Thousands)Extension Forestry on Farm land State/National Hig(In Thousands)Soil Conservation on watershed basis cho training(In Thousands)ROI IN ARAVALLI HILLS(In Thousands)Building(In Thousands)Total(In Thousands)
1 Hill Circle Kurseong
2 Hill Circle Darjeeling
3 Hill Circle Non Timber Forest Produce Division, Siliguri
4 Central Bankura North Division
5 Central Bankura South Division
6 Central Panchet Division, Bishnupur
7 Northern Jalpaiguri Division
8 Northern Baikanthapur Division
9 Northern Coachbehar Division
10 North West Siliguri SF Division
11 North West Raiganj Division
12 North West Malda Division
13 North West Jalpaiguri SF Division, Jalpaiguri(Earstwhile Forest Village Dev.Division)
14 South West Purulia
15 South West Kangsabati (South),
16 South West Kangsabati (North),
17 South West Extension Forestry Division, Purulia
18 Western circle Medinipur
19 Western circle Purba Medinipur
20 Western circle Khargapur
21 Western circle Jhargram
22 Western circle Rupnarayan
23 South- East Circle Birbhum
24 South- East Circle Burdwan
25 South- East Circle Durgapur
26 South- East Circle Nadia Murshidabad
27 Parks & Garden Howrah
28 Parks & Garden Urban & Recreational Forestry
29 Parks & Garden Parks & Gardens (North)
30 Wildlife (North) Darjeeling Wildlife
31 Wildlife (North) Gorumara Wildlife
32 Wildlife (North) Jaldapara Wildlife
33 Buxa Tiger Reserve Buxa Tiger Reserve (E),
34 Buxa Tiger Reserve Buxa Tiger Reserve (W),
35 Sundarban Tiger Reserve Sunderban Tiger Reserve
36 General Manager (North) Kalimpong
37 Development Kolkata Director, W.B. Forest School
38 Development Kolkata Director, Jhargram Forestry Training Centre
39 Jt.Director, Sunderban Biosphere Reserve 24 Parganas (North)
40 Jt.Director, Sunderban Biosphere Reserve 24 Parganas (South)
41 Jt.Director, Sunderban Biosphere Reserve Wet Land Division
42 Monitoring Monitoring (South) Kolkata
43 Monitoring Monitoring (North) Siliguri
44 Research Silviculture(Hill) Division, Darjeeling
45 Research Silviculture(N) Division, Siliguri
46 Research Silviculture(S) Division, Midnapur
47 Soil Conservation Kalimpong Soil Conservation Division
48 Soil Conservation Kurseong Soil Conservation Division
49 Soil Conservation Soil Conservation(North) Division, Jalpaiguri
50 Wildlife, HQ Wildlife -(Hqrs.), Kolkata
51 WP & GIS, Kolkata Working Plan (North) Darjeeling
52 WP & GIS, Kolkata Working Plan (South-I) Dn.
53 WP & GIS, Kolkata Working Plan (South-II) Dn.
  Total :-